To see full program (places,…) see Basque or Spanish version.

April 29th Saturday

16:00 Departure of columns from Muxika towards Gernika
16:45 Entry of the columns at Gernika
17:30 Concentration and Welcome to columns
18:00 Registration
19:30 Conference-conversation: Arcadi Oliveres
22:00 Concert
22:00 Cinema

April 30th Sunday

8:45 Breakfast
9:30 Workshops: Presentation and Exposures
11:45 Workshops: Group works
14:00 Meal
16:30 Board ofExperiences: Presentation and Exposures
17:45 Board ofExperiences: Horizontal Dialogues
19:15 Conclusions of Workshops
20:00 Farewell Act

May 1st Monday

10:00 Go to Bilbao, to take part at demonstration of May 1st. Each one will choose her/his labor union, but we’ll go in our own block porting our flags and banners, with this phrase or similar: “Bertoko edo atzerriko, lankide pareko / Nativa o extranjera, la misma clase obrera“.